Sunday, March 14, 2010

Falcon #1 Marvel Comics 1983
One thing sticks out about this comic and the cover:  It is the essence of bronze age comics with art and characters from that comic period.  This comic cover gets the most comments, probably because any collector has seen it.

Cable #1 Marvel Comics 1993
I think I am partial because I started collecting comic books in 1993, so all first issues in that year are automatically my favorite.  This has expected features of a first comic book, including a foil cover, with heavy paper pages inside.  This is a relatively common book to find in most reputable comic book stores.

SABRE #1, Marvel Comics 1993
This is everything that a number one comic book should be...great cover art, and an agressive introduction to a tough comic character.  This was the first comic I bought in my lifetime and it never disappoints.  I am waiting for anyone to point out a better first comic.