Saturday, April 17, 2010

Daredevil #506, Marvel Comics

Dare Devil 506 Marvel Comics

Writers: Andy Diggle and Anthony Johnson

Art: Marco Checchetto

This comic is set in the fast pace feudal japan. The first scene is a fight where Daredevil and Bakuto team up to defeat several ninjas, who disappear into a ray of light and pile of dust in true Hand-magic fashion. Throughtout the comic book, the plot develops to make the reader wonder who the culprit is, and if Bakuto is setting up the Daredevil. Or if Bakuto is just plain paranoid about the Daredevil. The scene shifts to Daredevil calling a meeting of the hand and asking the members for there input on who the traitor inside the Hand is. The scene moves into a dream segment involving Elecktra, and is really a symbolism of who the traitor in the Hand really is: Angela. The ending sequence of the comic supports this theory as well.

I liked the comic book overall. I didn’t realize it, but the Daredevil has been putting out issues only once every two months. What a shame. This is truly a good comic book, and it really seems to be a better comic since the shift from the Hells Kitchen setting to Japan. The ninja theme is awesome, and works surprisingly well for the Daredevil Character. Sometimes I wonder about the comic book industry and where it is heading, but this comic appears to be on track with what a comic book should be.

Rating 9.5/10

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