Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Walking Dead #1, Image Comics March 2010

This comic book starts off with a Sheriff from a small town that is in a gunfight with a citizen.  The officer is shot and wounded, and winds up in the hospital.  He wakes up in the hospital from a coma to find that the hospital and streets are void of people.  He makes his way back to his home, where he is attacked by a little boy who clubs the main character (the Sheriff) over the head with a shovel.  The Sheriff wakes up to learn from the boy and his father that Zombies have taken over and they are not sure if there is a cure.  The only thing that the boy's father can say is that any living people were advised to make it to a big city, where non-infected humans can get protection.  The Sheriff kicks off the journey by making his way to his old police station to load up on an arsenal of guns.  The Sheriff, the boy, and the boy's father make their way to the big city in the police vehicle.
 The page above depicts the Sheriff shooting a lingering Zombie that he saw on his way into town.  The bad part about this page is that it is the last page of the comic book.  I would expect more shooting of Zombies, and more infection attacks by Zombies.  No necks were bitten, and no blood was shed.   When they made this comic, they should have written in more blood, shooting, and interaction with Zombies.  The main character should have been closer to the Punisher, rather than a rookie Sheriff. 
Overall Rating    6.0/10

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