Monday, April 5, 2010

The Invincible Iron Man

    Iron Man is making a comeback.  This issue starts off fast in a setting in Africa.  The small village shows poor villagers that are barely modernizing, with three girls who all chipped in their money to buy and share one cell phone.  Then, a small car storms into the town with three men that jump out.  The men explode with a radiant energy, instantly killing 90 people in the small village.
    The scenes moves to Iron Man, who is working on the exterior of the Space Shuttle while in outer space.  The scenes shifts to Tony Stark at home, getting ready to make love to a beautiful European woman.  Iron Man was interrupted by his team and briefed about the explosion in Africa.  Iron Man learns that the alarming part of the incident was a flash of destructive light, but no radiation was found near the site.
     As the plot moves on, we are introduced to a young prodigy that works for a cutting edge technology firm.  He unveils a wrist mounted weapon that expells a deadly burst of light energy.  The prodigy kills all of the businessmen, and leaves with his girlfriend in a limosine. 
       All throughout the comic book, the writer describes five nightmares that the Iron man has.  The last one is the most important, the someone could harness the energy of the Iron Man suit and use it for evil.  The reader is left with a scene, which was a photo taken with the cell phone of the girls in the African Village:  A human figure shooting light rays, killing all in his path.
        Overall, this is an excellent comic book.  What a powerful way to kick off a comic book series.  Iron Man has always been a comic book favorite, and this new series lives up to this legacy.  The artwork is everything that you would expect from a Marvel Comic, and the plot sets up a whole new series that invites the reader to continue reading.
RATING      9.5/10

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