Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ender's Game: The League War #1, Marvel Comics

Ender’s Game:
The League War
Art: Timothy Green II
Story and Script: Aaron Johnston
This comic takes the focus off of Ender Wiggin, and introduces his two siblings that are pulling strings in the shadows. Peter and Valentine Wiggin are Ender’s older siblings who use words and a carefully thought out strategy to interfere with and divide the international governing body of the futuristic world. Their plot does work, and splits the world power putting young Ender Wiggin back into a power position.

The comic book is good overall, and I suggest it for the reader that wants to think while reading a comic, rather than read for entertainment and action (no offense, there are just different types of comic readers out there). I do like the character development, especially the Russian world fleet commander who has the power to take over the ground troops along with the fleet. This character cleverly plays into the fear of Russian domination still present in American mindsets. The Russian commander was also ruthless and had a plan B that he executed at the first sign of betrayal.

The bad side to this comic book is how it is written: the setting shifts from Manhattan, to Brazil, to Russia, and then to London. The plot is hard to follow on the first read, and would be impossible to understand without some understanding of the Orson Scott Card history and past storylines. The story doesn’t keep the reader wanting more, and caters to a specific population of comic book readers. I am not sure if I will keep reading this series.

Overall Rating 7.5/10

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